I'm Iana.
Pronounced like "Brianna" without the "Br".
I build intuitive interactions and experiences that unite people with technology.


Good design should inspire, and it should also
accomplish, convert, and encourage.

For the past three years, I've been designing at Techshed, a technical division of The Home Depot. We were once a startup dominating the home services industry, called Redbeacon, before we became aqcuired.

I have had the opportunity to experience exceptional growth throughout my time in Techshed. Starting from a graphic design intern with a focus in marketing, I worked my way through the acquisition, creating products with an extremely talented group of designers, directors, engineers, and the co-founders.

The fast-paced startup nature of Techshed enabled me to hone my skills and I was often requested to deliver mocks within hours of a surfaced idea. This led me to become a swift-thinking, scrappy, yet functional designer. In addition to this, I'm self-sufficient, resourceful, and know how to prioritize my workflow.

When designing for an unfamiliar market, I've found that it's necessary to challenge strategy and constantly iterate the look-and-feel of the product. During user research sessions, having experience creating web prototypes made it possible to get qualitative results.


As soon as I was old enough to hold a pencil, my father would inspire me to draw. Every day a different object; his hands guided me to blend colors and manipulate light and shadow.

A self-taught Photoshop ace by high school, I joined online forums to take upon avatar and signature design requests. I excessively applied filters and added swirly or grungy "dirty" brushes. Then, I learned how to code in HTML and created many websites on Angelfire with colorful backgrounds, lavishly beveled buttons, and my beloved marquee text.

Chico State University led me to pursue a career in Communication Design. I worked with InDesign, Illustrator, typography, and photography, eventually taking on a job at the school's newspaper as an ad designer. I won two awards during my employment, one for MVP and another for best ad design.

After college, I spent a little time freelancing and then joined a small web design company called Stark Marketing in San Jose. I worked side-by-side with a front-end engineer and learned how to properly code in HTML and CSS. We dealt with many clients and learned a bit about SEO.

My efforts took me to a design internship at Redbeacon, where I stil thrive today as a UI/UX Designer, and have since been acquired by The Home Depot. My marketing and advertising background proved useful, but I found my passion in user experience and interface, most notably in the Home Depot Pro shopping responsive website. During my time here I've also been fortunate enough to join design conferences like Warm Gun 2012 and Edward Tufte's One Day Course, work in a fast-paced environment with many cross-functional teams, and experience more growth day after day.

At home, I have a gray pooch named Sir Flops-A-Lot, whom my fiancé and I rescued in the summer of 2014. He loves lugging his toys around and playing fetch. My love for animals inspired the both of us to create a side project called Crittergo, which is a resource for first-time pet owners, preparing them with the right supplies to make their new critter's transition into their home a smooth one.

My other hobbies include yoga, singing, and crafting where I sell through a couple online shops for soap making and sewing baby shoes.